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I always loved fitness, ever since I was a kid. It started back in the day watching American Gladiators and later wanting to kick like Shelly Blanks from Tae Bo💪😍 So naturally I fell into the gym scene and became licensed in many different formats some of which I still teach today.
Zumba for almost 10 years! What!?!? It was Zumba where I met my first Real tribe of women who loved making a difference in others lives. I so love the many friendships I've made -and actually half the ladies in this pic are Zumba instructors! ðŸ˜ ...
While teaching over the years so many of my students also became instructors and while I LOVED seeing them succeed there was a part of me saddened that I wouldn't see them in class because they had thier own classes now. And then there were less students in my class and I was also barely making rent at the studios I was working at. While I still loved helping people, it started to be bring me down. Until I found a solutuon...
I Always thought...💁"Wouldn't it be awesome if when I encouraged my students to become involved in Fitness, I got some type of referral bonus!?" Yea that would be nice....not to say money is the only concern here, but to be compensated more for the hours of work behind the scenes (instructors/trainers know what I'm talking about😉). After A LOT of research I found the answer and fyi, THIS ALREADY EXISTS!!!!!!!
4 years ago I realized this is how Coaching works. I help others. They become successful in thier health journey and then also become Coaches and we run Virtual Fit Clubs TOGETHER.🙋🙋🙋 I get customer leads and also residual income and we have actually made a real income from this. 
Those babes in that pic are some of the Coaches on our team and we go on Coach Retreats together and build our dreams TOGETHER. This was the COMMUNITY I dreamed of all those years ago. Helping others become healthier & building a tribe of women who also benefit from working as a TEAM. ðŸ’ŸðŸ˜ðŸ’Ÿ Have you always thought you had to figure out this "Fitness career" alone!?!?!🤷 Well you don't have to. I'm here to help. Message me about Coaching. This might be your answer too. ðŸ’ŸðŸ’ŸðŸ’Ÿ