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Another Incredible Year


Thanks for another INCREDIBLE year friends...Yep, I'm all about reflecting today....🦄🙏 2018 I said I would create my own Joy and be more present. Looking back on this year I can say I came pretty close(well not all the time, but hey, nobody's perfect) ....I didn't put expectations on others like I did in years past and I didn't place all my happiness in future places and goals not yet met. Instead, I put my happiness in the HERE and NOW and I want to continue on this journey into 2019. Like I said about a week ago I picked the word "TRANSFORM" as my 2019 theme & I have YOU ALL to thank for this.

I wouldn't be where I am today without the beautiful loving, giving and supportive people that I'm blessed to know. So this is a huge thanks to my friends who have encouraged me to continue to grow and transform. So thanks guys. 😍😭😍The people from the Virtual Fit Clubs, Support groups, Zumba & Pound classes, Coach retreats & Conventions are all who lifted me up on days I felt down. You all continued to cheer me on. I know my job is to uplift others but it's YOU ALL Who make me want to do better. Each and every one of you have inspired me more than you could know. I know I'm blessed far more than I deserve and I will do my best to become a better friend, wife, fitness instructor & Coach. Love you guys. Happy New Year. 🎉🎉🎉