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What Do I Eat?


When people ask me what I eat my reply in my head is is usually "FOOD. LIKE ACTUAL, FOOD." 😂🤣No pills. No cleanses.No weight loss coffee(listen coffee already makes me 💩 so no thanks👌🏼.....and No 5 shakes a day. No "diet" foods. No sugar-free anything. No "foods" that come out of a box that will expire 30 years from now.....etc. 😉 

So what do I ACTUALLY EAT!?!? In my HOLIDAY HUSTLE GROUP we are all logging our food each day(and trying to cut back on added sugar this week). So after I checked in for the night, I thought I would also share here too! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
👌🏼Breakfast.... 2 cups of coffee with organic half and half
👌🏼Snack....natural peanut butter & a banana
👌🏼Dinner....sweet as honey chicken with rice and sugar snap peas(forgot to take a pic bc I scarfed it) but it was frickin amazing! #ilovehellofresh
👌🏼raspberry Tea with honey
👌🏼Dessert... vegan strawberry superfoods smoothie with frozen berries and water(I'm planning on drinking it in about an hour bc that's when I want sweets) 
👌🏼midnight snack.. . smart pop popcorn(I'm writing it down bc I know I will want some later and don't want to come back to edit this post 🙈😉

💦💦Water I'm at 90 so far!!!! 10 to go!!!
I know with the holidays it can be tough to stay committed so if you need the support feel free to join my F R E E HOLIDAY HUSTLE GROUP!!!!