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Take a Compliment


Ya know how ya know you have grown from years of personal development!?!!?!....
You learn how to take a compliment.

I just re-wrote a message from a friend who said.....
"I want to be like you when I grow up."
My response was...
"Thanks, but I'm not that cool." ....
Then I rewrote it saying ..."Thanks, we ALL cool!" 

For YEARS(including the message I got today) if I would hear someone say something nice and I would totally discredit what they would say...usually with sarcasm. Ummmm, can you say JERK!?!? 🙈🙈🙈 
I would rarely just say "THANK YOU." I had to explain myself or put myself down to prove thier compliment wrong and it's because I didn't believe it. I thought...."oh, they are just being nice"....or "they must want something in return." Seriously. That's what I thought!!!! I now realize that most people ARE KIND. I still have to catch my JERK-SELF from ruining my life but it just takes that extra few seconds to stop and see the positive rather than look for the negative. 
Do you relate to this!!?!? I think there's a little "jerk" in all of, the next time someone gives you a compliment I want you to only say 2 WORDS. 
When you don't talk yourself out of love that comes into your life then you start to believe there is more love to recieve and more love to give to others. 😘