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Leg day DONE!!!! 🔥🍑🍑I gotta say.... I don't care how many people put down "home fitness" because I'm in the BEST shape of my life and it's from these workouts that are only 30-45 min long....don't get me wrong I love teaching Zumba and Pound but be sure you are getting enough variety with your wokrouts. Make sure you add flexivility and weights and hiit to your routines and you WILL see results 😉 Btw, still 6 spots left for my bext VIRTUAL FIT CLUB so if you are ready for a quick workout you can do at home or the gym and an easy meal plan and Coach to help you stay accountable then all you need to do is ask! Comment "IM WORTH IT" below or message me asap!!! Lets get a jump start on a healthier new you. Ya know where to find me!!!!! Xoxo 😍😘😍😘#justworkingonmyfitness #virtualfitclub#virtualbootcamp #sweatwithsarah#thesweatlifewithsarah