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Fear Kills Dreams


Fear kills dreams, Not failures..

I used to let fear and doubts control the direction of my life. And I tell ya IT SUCKS...

It sucks feeling weighed down. It sucks NOT being able to travel and visit family and friends as much as I wanted. It sucks watching others live a life of freedom and envying their success. It sucks being stressed about finances. I had had ENOUGH and decided to make a CHANGE...

3-1/2 years ago I became an Online Coach and it changed the direction of my life forever. Through this business I now let my dreams and goals take back that control. It wasn't easy taking chances and failing and learning from my failures but it led me to where I am today....sitting on my front porch working a business that I love along with my husband. We have NO debt. We travel 1-2x a month. We sleep in (because SERIOUSLY love my sleep) & We both are pursuing our dreams. I'm so thankful that we don't live our lives on someone else's terms. I'm never letting fear stop me again! 

If you relate to this at all ...lets talk. I know you...and I know your doubts because I had them too. I'm a mentor Coach to people who want to learn how to take a passion for fitness and turn it into a career. I have a new Coach TRAINING starting Monday. Let's talk about YOUR dreams and goals because this career path is needed and changing peoples lives for the better is the most rewarding career there is. PM me if you want to chat.