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Love Your Neighbor. Love Yourself


"Love your neighbor as yourself...."

But what if you don't love yourself?! Can you really love people if you don't love yourself? My thoughts...💁🏽‍♀️No, not really. There will be shame, guilt, resentment & jealousy that arise between relationships when you don't love yourself. So ask yourself...

"Do I love myself?"
"Am I too busy to take time for me?"
"Is my self talk negative or positive?"
"Do I take care of myself physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially?"
"Am I saying yes to the wrong things because of guilt or shame."
Am I saying no to the right things out of fear of failure or what others might think?

If those questions cause you to question your self love then take some time to journal and write down WHY you are holding yourself back. Maybe it's from your surroundings, how you were raised or maybe years of abuse. Whatever it is or was it will be OK, because once you recognize it you are CONSCIOUS of it and therefore can re-write your story. Make a self love checklist and be sure to take one action EVERY DAY to become more loving towards yourself and others. You got this babe. 💕