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Don't Stay Stuck

Just because you are stuck now does NOT mean you have to stay there.

I remember as a kid I was told to go the corner... ALOT. So with my nose in the corner and told to stay quiet I would stand there and think I'll show them!!!!! So when my time was up I would say "NO. I'M STAYING HERE!!!!" ....I THOUGHT I was showing my parents that I WAS THE BOSS. And I would stay where I wanted....even though I DID NOT want to stay there. It's so funny how even as an adult I would STILL do that because when shown a BETTER WAY I would repeatedly say NO....I'M GONNA STAY HERE, WHERE I'M ANGRY AND UNHAPPY!!!!!!
Even up to 5 years ago guys...this was me.......
💁🏽‍♀️I teach soooooo many classes this week, I'm eating fruit loops every night...
💁🏽‍♀️I have an eating disorder(that I would never share with you) and I abuse the scale constantly. If I go over 112 then I starve myself for a day ...or 3 ...until I get that number went back down.
💁🏽‍♀️Yea, I workout...I teach fitness classes! That's my workout too....
💁🏽‍♀️"Online jobs" are just pyramid, thank you NEXT.

Sarah now...
👌🏼I now use supplements to give me the energy I need. I also eat 80% clean and I feel amazing because I use my food as fuel for healing, not poisoning, my body.
👌🏼I no longer abuse a scale and I am happy with what my body can do physically. I now measure my success by my consistency with workouts and healthy eating.
👌🏼My workouts are for ME and I prefer to do them at home on MY time. I still teach classes but when I do it's for my students. It's THEIR time and I don't push myself so hard that I'm not able to pay attention to everyone in the room.
👌🏼Yep, I joined one of those ONLINE COMPANIES and I can tell you that its 💯% changed my life in every way. My income has increased, my health is better and my relationships have improved and I've helped others create an awesome life.

Looking back my CORNER was safe, because it was familiar but it didn't allow me to grow or even move forward in SO MANY AREAS of my life. Don't put yourself in the corner. Step out and do something AMAZING for yourself. 😘👌🏼