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Choose Your Family


They say you can't choose your family but I'm here to say you CAN.

And to be honest, without these people here I wouldn't still be in this Coaching biz.

Because yes, it's hard to step outside your comfort zone.

It's hard to find your voice.

It's hard to do something different and not have the support of the people you thought had your back.

But what I learned from my friends is that the best way to predict your future is to CREATE it, and you do that surrounded by people you LOVE. 💕

You don't try to FIND time for the right people, you MAKE time, and they MAKE time for you. That's REAL friendship guys.

Coming from a people pleasing mentality that's a HARD thing to understand but I finally realized this truth. That's what OUR tribe has taught me and I'm forever grateful. 🙏

Guys thanks for being there for me and just know I'm here for YOU too. ALWAYS.💕