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The Big Dip


After a "big" decision is made in your life you are excited. No dip right!? 🤷🏽‍♀️ You are engaged in the "newness" and feelings of hope and adventure. Until you aren't. And that's what I want to talk about today.

Every day I see couples fall out of love. 
Every day I see people starting a new business, but then they quit..over and over and over again. 
Every day I see peoples health failing after given all the tools to be successful. 

And I know we ALL SEE THIS. 

I'd like to address the reason we aren't seeing MORE SUCCESS in these areas. Because yes, there IS HOPE. 

We aren't associating happiness and fulfillment with the LITTLE DAILY BEHAVIORS that will BRING us happiness and fulfillment. 

Think about it. Do you remember that excitement when you first BEGAN? Before resentment or boredom set in? You CAN bring those feelings back by being PRESENT and GRATEFUL for what you ALREADY have. 

#1 Make a grateful list in each area. Don't compare to yesterday. Take a "DAY ONE" mentality. 

#2 And show this gratitude by taking action on it. 
If you want your relationship, business or health to be stronger then take action TODAY with ONE LITTLE BEHAVIOR. 

For a Stronger relationship....Every morning, say I love you and hug your loved one for at least 30 seconds and imagine your life 5 years from now. 
For a Stronger business....every morning, do the ONE THING you know you need to do and imagine your life 5 years from now.
For a Stronger Healthy lifestyle...every morning, do the THING. Whether it's meal prep for the day, or get your workout in ASAP. 

Doing these things EVERY DAY & EVERY MORNING will reignite your excitement and hope for a better future. It's a choice to live a purpose driven life. So choose to find joy in the little things because those little things do add up. 💕