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Stop Lying


My best advice....

Guys, I'm not gonna sugar coat anything. Some of us need to hear it....including me! Like for realsssss, it wasn’t until I talked myself INTO the things I was scared to do when I finally realized I COULD do anything. I'm no different than the rock stars I look up to....& neither are you!!!!! So why don't we have a REAL talk & see where it takes us? could offend us, or it could make us realize that we have 2 choices > continue to defend our excuses > or face the truth & take action!!!! Because is this you...
"I could never do what you do." 
What's that, sweat!? And eat 80% clean? Um yes, you could and you WOULD if you valued your life enough. 

"I don't have time or the motivation." 
No, you chose not to do what you need to do. You were using screen time for at least 30 min today, couldn't you have exercised or meal prepped instead?!

"I'm too old." It's not age darling. It's your attitude. Did you know there are 90 year olds that go back to school or start a business, workout daily, go parachuting & fall in love, again!?!?! Yea, bc you are NEVER too old. For anything!!!!!

"I'm not (insert your "want" here; pretty, handsome, smart, fit, healthy....etc. )ENOUGH. 
This is the BIGGEST LIE OF ALL!!!!! Instead, I have to ask you this..... "WHY is it that you think you aren't "enough"? Was it a negative person who made you feel less than what you are? What age were you? Why was it that impressionable? And why you do you STILL DECIDE to give them power over you? Haven't you suffered ENOUGH? Don't you want better for your life? If the answer is yes then the opinions of others do not matter. When you start to live a better life, the bad people will not support you, which makes it easier for you to BYE FELICIA that mess 💁🏽‍♀️& good news, that opens you up to more positive, supportive people.

If you want better, then DO BETTER. Good things WILL happen not TO you, but FOR you. Sure struggles might arise too but you will rise ABOVE them. All you gotta do is believe you are & always have been ENOUGH to take hold of this better life. I believe in you. Now go after it!!!!!!