Sarah Placencia

Coaching. Choreo. Coffee.

I. Don't. Quit.


I might have had a "few" failures over the years but I realize people don't care about my mistakes, they are encouraged by the fact that I'm still here, showing up to share my journey & encouraging them to do the same( 🙏💕thanks for the love btw)....And that's what matters most. I.DON'T. QUIT. 

And neither will you!!!! Give yourself permission to go after your goals, regardless of how you think others will think of you!!!! At first, people might judge, then they will watch, then they will ask you HOW you are doing it... 

That's full circle people and You MUST be here a few years from NOW to really see success. Go after it. And associate your work with what matters most to you whether that's family, your health, leaving a legacy, finally overcoming any addiction, or self love & acceptance. I BELIEVE in YOU & I'm here rooting you on!!!!! Now go crush it...Yes, EVEN on a Friday💪😉 #mindandbodymakeover #transform2k19#letsdothis #virtualfitclub #virtualbootcamp