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Bad Habits


Bad habits....we ALL have them. So why is it that some people can create better habits and others can't? Well, from my own experience I have a theory.... Earlier today I went live talking about my finger nail biting bad habit. It wasn't until I was 28 when I FINALLY kicked that habit...
Ya see it might sound ridiculous but I hated how this struggle held me back and took ownership over me.....Especially when my girl friends wanted to go get their nails done or show people my wedding ring. I did NOT want people to see my bloody cuticles. Sorry for the visual but I was seriously looking a hot mess y'all. 😭

Now whether you relate to this story or not I want you to know something; I feel that we ALL have a habit or something from our past that we are embarrassed about. Or we have shame & we do our very best to keep it hidden. We avoid situations where it might be seen, or talked about. So we hide it....for AS LONG AS WE CAN. 

I've learned that THING is given power every time we stuff it down further. The ONLY way to overcome ANY struggle in life is to do the MOST embarrassing thing. We TALK about it. We say ALOUD to our self and others...that this THING is no longer going to control me. This THING has been with me too long. I'm ready to release this because I am ready to write a NEW story for my life. It might not be easy but when I get on the other side of this I KNOW that freedom will be worth it. Because I AM WORTH IT. And ya know what!?!? 7 years later I AM Nail Bite free...but even more than that, I truly believe that was the catalyst in my life where I started to re-write my story. I believed I could...and I did. There's enough proof that I CAN do more. And I believe that because I accomplished this, then I KNOW I Can be successful in other things and I Can help others take back control of their life too. 

If you have a struggle too that needs to talked about, I'm here for you. Lets rewrite a better story. TOGETHER. 💕💕💕