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More Than A Number


I am MORE than a number on a scale ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 And ya'll.....I FINALLY feel great about what was once a struggle!!!!..... because today I faced that scale, out of curiosity and guess what!?!?!?!?!
I'VE GAINED ALMOST 8 LBS AND I FEEL AWESOME ABOUT IT!!!!!! From an abusive scale user, this is HUGE y'all... I've not weighed myself in YEARSSSS, because I had a very unhealthy "scale addiction". If I went over 110 I would starve myself the next day. Then binge the following day and that cycle would repeat day after day....

Yea totes uncool, right!?!?! Yea it is. But it was my struggle and if I wanted to overcome it I needed to do something different. So I threw away my scale and started feeding my body the RIGHT nutrition. I also stopped OVER TRAINING by teaching 12+ Fitness classes a week because I was in my 20's and my joints fricking HUUUUURRRTTTT. 🙈😭🙈
I now workout 20-40 min 5 -6 days a week and am sticking to my nutrition program Most the time. (I mean, I love burgers, soooo #ohwell ) 
I now measure my success by how STRONG I am. Can I do more pushups now? Yes.
Can I lift heavier now? Yes.
Ummm, that's what's important!!!!
I told Eddie about my weight increasing And he said...."you know that's all muscle right!?!!?" And I said, "yep and I'm pretty happy about it." 😘✌🏼 

Remember when you stop judging yourself you start to become the better version of your past self. So love yourself, no judgement allowed. And make steps towards loving who were, who you are and you are becoming. Because babe, you will always be more than a number. 💜💜💜 #transform2k19#letsdothis #virtualfitclub #virtualbootcamp#sweatwithsarah #thesweatlifewithsarah#accountabilityiskey