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Crush It


Who feels like crushing goals today!?!!?!!? Some days I wake up so motivated & other days not so much. I'm trying to tap into WHY some days are better than others. Do you take notice on days you feel you can handle it all!?!? Or are you just trying to keep up!?!?

I believe in the hustle but if your heart isn't in it, Then what's the point!? You must Find (1)WHY you want whatever goal you put on yourself and write it down daily.(2) Fill your OWN cup so you have the energy to do it and (3) don't let quitting even be an option.

Those 3 have helped me to overcome some pretty tough times in my own life. We get to a point where blaming and regret and envy didn't help us AT ALL and we must look INWARD for that motivation. We don't FIND our motivation. We CREATE it. I know it's not January 1st...its a random Thursday in Sept...but what if you treated EACH day with that SAME motivation?!?! I think you would show up AND FREAKING CRUSH IT. SO LETS DO THIS!!!!#beabossatlife #onlincoach #bringthejoy#createhappiness