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My Own Boss


Ok, no we didn't drive all the way to the beach but I am so freaking gosh darn fortunate to be traveling again this month. 😍 And it almost didn't happen.

4 years ago I almost said NO, because I has joined an online company before...and it didn't work for me...
I almost didnt become my own boss because I lacked confidence in myself.Β 
I almost let my fears control my life.
I almost listened to the negative people that doubted this......

But I didn't. I decided I not only WANTED a change. But I NEEDED it. And I'm so freaking glad I'm here 4 years later saying to one of my besties......πŸ˜πŸ–"LETS TRAVEL, WHERE TO NEXT!?!?!"

I'm my OWN boss by helping people become their healthiest and also mentoring others to rock this. Have you ever wanted to travel!? What about work from wherever?! While also working to crush your own healthy goals!?!?!?! Yea. I could go on about how I love this, but I can show you HOW. I used to think people would judge me if I talked about HOW I can help them too, but really it would be selfish if I didn't share how this could change YOUR LIFE like it did MINE!!!!! I'm here to help if you have questions....Because wouldn't it be awesome if you slapped your fears in the face too?!?!?!#onlinecoachΒ #letsgosomewhere