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Love and Be Loved


Something to ponder today 👉 Always assume people are doing their best. Even if deep down you think..."yea, they could be doing better"... No really, we do NOT know what everyone's life experiences from every moment of their lives have been.

When it comes to whether that person makes time for you or does something that hurts you, we still can not judge. When we judge them we think that gives us power over them. When we judge them that mean means we think we are better than them. And that's not our place, nor will it ever be. So stop judging. Stop letting your emotions of only seeing the world one sided get in the way your own happiness. Our perspective is always OUR OWN.

While we might try to understand and "fix" the problems of others...we just can't. It's a waste of time to try to "change" someone. Instead, treat them with kindness. Always. 

We are a mirror in this world and when we reflect light and kindness and don't judge then eventually we are shown that back and THAT, my friends.... is a very optimistic happy life. But it starts and ends with YOU and how you decide to treat others 💕💖💕#loveandbeloved