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All On You


I loved hearing this quote from the audiobook I'm listening to. It's kinda an "OH SNAP" moment.🙈🙈🙈
I used to wait on people or circumstances or play the blame game and constantly throw excuses out there like "if only" or "maybe when I have time" or "I don't have the right support"....bla bla bla...
True story. No one else besides me) can fix MY life and No one else(besides you) can fix YOUR life. Having a better life happens when no ones looking. It's the thoughts in your head when you say that "Enough is Enough! And I'm owning where I'm at & taking responsibility and I'm changing my future TODAY!!" 
This is a daily decision made by YOU to show up and take action living your best life. Because who can be the MOST passionate about what YOU want for YOUR life?!!?! It's not a Teacher, a Coach or even your best friend. They can want it for you but the MOST passion and the MOST change will come from YOU. Truly, Who will care more about your dreams and goals?!!? That's all on you. So act like you care. Everyday darn day. ✊✊✊