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Ask for Help


No one knows YOUR expectations. We are all so busy worrying about our OWN lives and we get so caught up in the business to notice the needs of others. Sounds selfish, but its true. Both is true for ourselves and the people around us. 
It's time to stop and ask yourself. Am I happy!? Are my own needs being met. If not, how could they be met!? .....
Then this crucial next step is often overlooked 👉👉👉ASK FOR HELP! It might come easier to me because I speak my mind (probably too often 😂) but something I realized in most relationships is one person feels weighted down by all that needs to he done. This giver CONTINUES to give and they are EXPECTING others to give back. 
Well get out of your OWN way Giver. If you seem happy then people think that you ARE happy. Stop sabatogueing yourself by NEVER ASKING FOR HELP!!!!! I was this way until I realized I was acting like a little kid in the corner. I was there because I was in trouble but in my thought pocess when I was told I could leave the corner I said NO! I'M STAYING HERE! ....and to think I was actually trying to teach my parents a lesson by staying there. ðŸ˜‚😂😂 Little did I know that that was not the case. My stubbornness to show I was right and thinking..."I'll just stay and wallow in my anger and sadness would prove them wrong".....was, well...actually WRONG. As an adult I can now see how this story affected my stubborn actions thoughout life. If I was taking on too much and not asking for help and getting angry at everyone then I was acting like that child in the corner and trying to prove a POUNTLESS point. 
Put away your expectations and get REALLY CLEAR in what you need then put your ego aside, step put of the corner 😉 and ask...Can you help me by cleaning the kithen today?
Can you help me with this project? I could really use yiur expertise.
Can we have a date night this week? I would love some quality time with you. Can you help with me with dinner? Can I talk to you about a raise? Can I take Thanksgiving week off from work? I need some family time. 
If you never ask, you will never be helped. So ask. You will be glad you did.😘