Sarah Placencia

Coaching. Choreo. Coffee.



When people ask me what the perks are to my online job the FIRST word I think of is FREEDOM...
😊FREEDOM to work/workout on my own time... even after a 9 hour drive I was able to workout and press PLAY and get a sweat sesh in. 
😊FREEDOM for me and Eddie to pick up and go to our friends wedding this last week and visit friends along the way.
😊FREEDOM we got 2 years into this business to replace both our incomes JUST by helping people become healthier.
😊FREEDOM of never having a BOSS again.
😊FREEDOM to DREAM bigger than I ever imagined possible.
😊FREEDOM to help people WITHOUT having to go back to college to get a degree in Exercise Science or Nutrition.
Yea those are some pretty awesome perks. And I'm SO GLAD I convinced myself to try this. 
If you ever thought this was too good to be true (yep, I Did too) then you are welcome to join my FB Event sneak peek TOMORROW((((( my IG stories Thursday where I share more about this Online Coaching Job. No prior fitness experience needed. You can become healthier while learning to help other people. If you are driven, motivated by ANY of those perks and truly WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OTHER PEOPLES LIVES, then this might be your perfect career like it was for me. I'm here to help! 💪😘