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Your vibe attracts your tribe


"Your vibe attracts your tribe" 
That statement couldn't be MORE true. So are you happy most the time? Or angry sad and depressed? Knowing from experience I was NOT happy most of the time. I was trying to please people and get approval and help OTHERS be happy. What that taught me was there are 2 types of people in this world. GIVERS and TAKERS. Yes there are mixes of both but not too often. 
It's SO important to take time for yourself and the Right people will always support that. The TAKERS will question your dreams and ambitions because they are worried How it will affect THEM and the GIVERS will celebrate in your dreams and goals and encourage you to go after it!!!!!
It took me a while to realize if I wanted to become MORE happy I needed to stop trying to give to the TAKERS. I needed to give that love to ME and to the other GIVERS in the world....Because Takers gonna TAKE TAKE TAKE 🎧🎢🎧🎡 And guess what!? It worked...Im surrounded by people who continually love not only others but themselves. TRULY. I've still got a lot growing to do but I love that I have found beautiful people to keep me growing strong. So thank YOU tribe. πŸ’šβœŒπŸ’š #zincommunity#poundposse #teambeachbody