Sarah Placencia

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Don't settle for mediocre. If you don't like something, change it. We are ALL people with great ideas and dreams and passions. I've seen too many AMAZING people belittled or judged by others or themselves (for fear of what others think) because they weren't following the norm of society. 😛 
Think of your role models or people of history that really changed the world. They lived to thier fuller potential because they believed in a better life. Do you think before the greats became great they were accepted by EVERYONE? No, because they failed over and over before they became strong enough and wise enough to become the people they needed to become in order to do those great things.
I say all this to encourage you to realize that YOU are incredible! And I encouage you to become who you were always meant to be. It just takes stepping out of your comfort zone, sacrifice of time (that you get back in years of happy) and a whole lotta belief in your purpose. Find something you love and do it with the END result in mind. OVER&OVER&OVER again. Life is too short friends stop caring about the naysayers. Rise up and above by finding people who rise up and above. They don't got time for judgment, and doubts and neither should you. 😍😘😍