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Life is Cool


I Love this pic I found today in the Houston airport!!! To me it means keeping a chill but also driven attitude & making the BEST out of every situation I encounter. 

Remember there will ALWAYS be rough times ahead but if we make a real effort to look for the good in every situation then it becomes more clear to us that happier times are ahead of us. That happiness comes quicker to those looking for it, not just waiting for a better path or door to open for them. 

Is this happy-cool life EASY!? Heck no! I had to retrain my brain and clear the negativity OUT! I had to get really clear on what I wanted for my life & I showed up to a better life because I NEEDED & WANTED it enough. I had to LEARN from others I was inspired by and not be jealous of thier success. I had to ask questions (lots of them) and fail FORWARD learning from my mistakes. I had to look back on my past only to learn from it. Not to dwell on it and think of the IF ONLYS. I had to Repeat to myself "I CAN DO THIS!" & remember this is MY life. It's MY job to figure out why I am here and find MY purpose for ME. Nobody else can do that for me. But through the struggles I found my strength. I'm happy, I'm grateful and I am so fortunate to now be able to help others the same way I was helped. 🖤💜🖤Find your passion and go after it WHOLEHEARTEDLY friends. Let your struggles become your strengths and continue to search out thay happy and cool Life✌😘