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Vampire Workout


Truth moment.....sometimes I don't want to do my workout 😰😰😰 I know, shocker..but for realz yo.....I only want to watch Vampire Diaries and Eat I compromise.
I set up the tabata timer for 1 Min work 10 second rest and do 10 moves from my Virtual Fit Club workout and aim for 5 sets. It seriously goes by so fast and I forget I'm working out. 😂 So even on the days you aren't "feeling it" No worries.... play a movie or show and get a family member to commit to it with you! You totes won't regret it.
Btw...I'm already on Season 8...😭😭😭😭 I don't want it to I'm thinking "The Originals" next 😍😉😈😘