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I Wished I Had the Courage


"I wished I had the COURAGE to live a life true to myself and not live the life others expected of me." 

Today I heard that quote and cried because I know that quote all too well. Years ago I was afraid of what others would think. I had a fear of judgement and fear I'm not good enough and not worthy of great things. I'm a slow learner. I'm not focused. I'm not organized. I'm not good get the idea. All negative. All the time. Also judgy. Like REALLLY JUDGY. ðŸ˜­How was a girl who believes all THAT able to become strong enough to change her mindset and change her future? 

It's a choice. A choice to believe truth rather than lies. The truth is we are ALL worthy. If we were truly made in God's image then how the heck can we act like we aren't good enough!?!?!? Because we are. We ALL are.

I slowly came to realize that and I started a list of the choices I have made that brought me happiness and gratefulness and a life without regret. BUT ya know this life now was NOT the "safe" or "comfortable" route because all of these choices I made ALWAYS had fear by it's side.I had to face many fears to get where I am. But I can tell you its worth it. I've made a few new lists of even bigger goals for next year... does it scare me!?!? Heck yea, but I would be a hypocrite of I didn't face them. 

I encourage you to do the same. What are your BIG goals for next year!? What new mindset do you need to accomplish it and what will you let go before entering the next chapter. Because we cannot go far with a weight of regret around our neck. Move forward. Transform and LIVE. Don't look at the glass half empty...or half full. Be thankful for the glass!!!! That glass is your life. Fill it with love, chances, opportunity and gratefulness!!! We are either the author of our story or the victim and the choices we make everyday will support a life a reward or a life if regret. Be courageous friend. #wegotthis âœŠðŸ¼âœŠðŸ¼âœŠðŸ¼