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Nutella Puppy Chow


(Nutella) Puppy chow recipe! No this is NOT a clean recipe btw 😉😉😉 this is ALL THE GOODNESS and I make this every year and my life is complete because of it 🤣😍 and the best Part!?! 
Ingredients for 17 cups Puppy chow.....
❄ 1 family size box rice chex
❄ 1 24 oz. Bag choc chips
❄ 1 stick of butter
❄ 1 1/2 bags powdered sugar
❄ 1 cup peanut butter
❄ 1/2 cup Nutella 
❄ splash of vanilla extract
❄(optional peanut m&m's for being so extra) 
Double boil butter (use medium to lheat up large pot of water, place medium pot inside of it to melt the butter). Then add choc chips, PB and nutella stirring occasionally. When it's smooth add vanilla. Next add to a large bowl of rice chex (I recommend adding chocolate and adding chex folding on together. Definitely a 2 person job 😉 and wash your hands, cause it's about to get cray)... After fully coated use a large trash bag ( non-scented....yep I made that mistake b4) and add your powdered sugar to it. Then pour in the chocolatey chex GOODNSSS. Mix well and ENJOY. #nutellapuppychow
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