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Hey guys! Lets talk about disappointment!!! Super fun word...I know 😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ But as you know I'm diving into personal development and today's topic really stood out to me. Probably because I am CONTINUALLY harsh on myself and have disappointed myself over the years. Seriously....I hear my mind go to places like.....
"Why aren't I a good leader?"
"Why am I not where I want to be in my business?"
"Why did this person block me on social media? Is it something I said?"
....and the list goes on....
Writing all this out makes me realize how ridic all that sounds...but seriously y'all. We ALL struggle with dissatisfaction and disappointment. But one thing is FOR SURE IN LIFE.👉👉👉👉👉
Disappointment is inevitable!!! It's because life is NOT perfect. I'm sure you know this by now 😉 But there are really only 2 ways to look at disappointment...

👉A failure that can lead to NEGATIVE behaviors that include blame, anger and resentment......


a Learning opportunity where POSITIVE action will be taken including taking responsibility, acting with love and patience towards yourself and others and coming up with a new strategy to eventually have a better result. 

So the next time you are disappointed take a few deep breaths and ask yourself..."how would my BEST self react to this?" And map out the BEST scenario. And if it CANNOT be "fixed" then move on. There are SO MANY other things in life we have control over. Do NOT be tied up with things we CANNOT change. Especially matters of what OTHER people do. Focus instead on the GOOD you can do NOW. ✌😘✌ #learningandgrowing#personaldevelopment #brendanburchard#melrobbins #lewishowes #brenebrown#deangraziosi #jensincero #darrenhardy