Sarah Placencia

Coaching. Choreo. Coffee.



I might have been a barely passing highschooler and college drop out but I CONTINUE to learn to be a better friend, wife, Coach & fitness Instructor as OFTEN as I can.....and I'm I got a LOOONNNNGGGG way to go but thats ok because I'm HERE!!!! I SHOW UP!!

I just attended another Corporate Event for my Company and seriously it's ALWAYS worth it to learn to be a Better Coach!!!!! I'm so excited about this year and what's happening. I'm setting a goal of helping 100 people achieve transformations this year. I'm nervous about putting that out there becauae I DO NOT want you to think you are being Sold something. Especially if you don't trust that I can help you. I'm not here to be a Coach to EVERYONE. Let's be real.....not everyone wants MY help. ðŸ˜‚Im hyper and that can by annoying to some 🤗😉😂 & I'm cool with that!!!! No offense taken- seriously!!! 

I'm here to help those that WANT my help. Whether it's from my free groups/Challenges or Fit/Nutrition Coaching. So reach out if this is YOUR year to let me help YOU. #100transformations #ouryear#2018goals ðŸ’—💗💗