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Truth on the Outside


What we say on the inside becomes our truth on the outside....🙊🙉

I have found this to be more true everyday. A few years ago I would prepare myself for failure by saying negative things OVER AND OVER in my head... the term "I CAN'T, BECUASE..." became a daily affirmation. I also would make excuses over and over so when I failed I expected it and I wasn't as hurt when it happened. Seriously that way of life SUUUUCCCCKKKKSSSSS. I had built up my own walls and I CONSTANTLY blamed my lack of success on others. It's how I forgave myself for things not turning our right. Blame game sounds so petty but its true. I think we all do it.....

So how do we overcome it???

When I started speaking more positively of myself and my future daily I could see my life and my outlook was changing. I dreamed bigger than I thought was possible. I stopped blaming others. If I wanted REAL CHANGE then it was up to me for that to happen.....and guess what!? It worked!!!! 

I'm still overcoming that negative voice because of years of lies I told myself, but that's no-one fault. I'm owning it and bringing it to the surface. I'm punching it in the face and not hiding from a FULFILED PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE anymore!!!! If you are on that same struggle bus just know there's hope. I encourage you to take action RIGHT AWAY. What lies have you told yourself? Write them down and write down your new POSITIVE TRUTH...over and over again. Journal it. Speak it, pray about it and act on that new sense of self worth. EVERYDAY. ❤❤❤