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Fear Kills Dreams


Fear kills dreams, Not failures..

I used to let fear and doubts control the direction of my life. And I tell ya IT SUCKS...

It sucks feeling weighed down. It sucks NOT being able to travel and visit family and friends as much as I wanted. It sucks watching others live a life of freedom and envying their success. It sucks being stressed about finances. I had had ENOUGH and decided to make a CHANGE...

3-1/2 years ago I became an Online Coach and it changed the direction of my life forever. Through this business I now let my dreams and goals take back that control. It wasn't easy taking chances and failing and learning from my failures but it led me to where I am today....sitting on my front porch working a business that I love along with my husband. We have NO debt. We travel 1-2x a month. We sleep in (because SERIOUSLY love my sleep) & We both are pursuing our dreams. I'm so thankful that we don't live our lives on someone else's terms. I'm never letting fear stop me again! 

If you relate to this at all ...lets talk. I know you...and I know your doubts because I had them too. I'm a mentor Coach to people who want to learn how to take a passion for fitness and turn it into a career. I have a new Coach TRAINING starting Monday. Let's talk about YOUR dreams and goals because this career path is needed and changing peoples lives for the better is the most rewarding career there is. PM me if you want to chat.

Loving Yourself


Loving yourself is important. We all have heard this saying but if you think LOVING yourself is just a FEELING and not an ACT then you might not be doing it right.... Take for example your precious pet. If you love TRULY LOVE you buy healthy food for it? Do you take it for a walk because you know it's important for them to exercise? Do you speak nicely and lovingly to it? Do you let it get chased down and hurt by the jerk dogs at the park or do you look for nice friendly pups it can hang with? ...
I hope you noticed these are ALL ACTS. 


Do you buy healthy food for YOU?
Do you exercise because you know its important for YOUR health?
Do you speak positive words to yourself? Or negative ones? Do you hang out with jerks that belittle you or do you hang out with positive people who lift you up?

In what ways can you improve in loving yourself??? You better take ACTION!!!!

Two Voices


If you really want to reach a goal you will FOR SURE have 2 different voices in your head when the going gets tough... And you will either find a REASON to do it or you will find an EXCUSE not to.

So what helps me when I hear that voice?

To me, accountability and sweaty selfies are proof it happened .I'm checking in with you guys and my Virtual Fit Club and its helped me LOTS. 

Most of us KNOW we should move more & we should eat right. But if we aren't checking in with a friend (Trainer, Coach Instructor, sister, etc) then its much easier to skip that workout and go out for (not so good) food TOO often. 

Who are you checking in with? Reach out to that person because your life can improve and you NEVER have to do it alone!



Replace your excuses for results! I am where I am today because I told myself I am worth it. You are too, friends. Don't give up on YOU. Meet me halfway and LET'S DO THIS THANNNNNNGGGG!!!!!!

Comment below with the word FLEX and I will send you deets on my next VIRTUAL FIT CLUB!!!!
Here's what to expect:

  • Me as your Coach 
  • Full Meal plan with recipes 
  • Over 300 workouts
  • Support in an awesome app with positive people just like yourself 

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Checking In


WHO'S checking in to her VIRTUAL FIT CLUB!?!?? For #workitwednesday !?!? πŸ–’πŸ–’ this girl!!!!!!!

I swear if it wasn't for this daily accountability I'm not sure where I would be. I mean sure I'm a fitness instructor/trainer but I STRUGGLE TOO!!! We all have a season (or 3) where 5-20 lbs are gained (and I'm not talking muscle here) 😨😨😨

Fellow instructors/trainers you KNOW what I'm talking about...and no it's not easier for us AT ALL.... We are the HARDEST on ourselves and when we fall off the health wagon ERRB'ODY knows!!!!! 

(Btw, dont mention to us our clothes dont fit right, we know πŸ™ˆ) ......We feel like complete failures bc if WE CAN'T stay on track then how the heck do our clients or class participants expect to succeed when we cant either?!? 
I know EXACTLY how you feel and I want to help. Bc I've been there. I was a binge eater and 10x a day scale weigher...BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

If you need that extra accountability then let's talk. Whether you are a fellow Fit peep or someone wanting to tone up or eat cleaner... I TRULY believe ACCOUNTABILITY is key. 




CHEERS TO ALL THE DO-ERS!!!!!! βœŠβœŠβœŠβ˜•β˜•β˜• Comment below YESSSS if you are a fellow "Do-er"

The difference b/t the Do-er and the Dreamer is ACTION .

For too long I was wishing for things to happen to me and I hoped I would get "lucky" bc thats what I thought of successful people. They were all "lucky successful sons of ......" well ya know 😜😜😜. Hahah, well thats what I thought of them!!!!! πŸ˜‰#truth ....Anyhoo, They were dreamers like me....right?!?!? Well in a way YES, but they also took MASSIVE ACTION towards their dreams.

So day by day, I step out of my comfort zone and learn new ways to build my business and help more people and day by day I'm closer to my goals and my dreams. πŸ’ͺ

I encourage you to also take MASSIVE ACTION towards a better life. You are either going to work towards building your own dreams or someone elses. Its time to get comfortable getting uncomfortable!!!! 

Because you can't have the DREAM without the DO!!!!!! #imdoingthis #coachlife #noregrets

Why Do You Work Out?


Don't workout to ONLY improve the way you look. I mean yeah, its nice to reach a "size" or "weight" goal, but more importantly remember the bigger picture....
πŸ‘‰for a Stronger heart
πŸ‘‰No meds as you age
πŸ‘‰ to Lead by example for your loved ones
πŸ‘‰ to be able to comfortably wear a seat belt on a plane or roller coaster
πŸ‘‰ to have less DR. Visits
πŸ‘‰ to have more energy and to enjoy that "high" from a workout
πŸ‘‰ for stronger lungs and not being winded going up stairs
πŸ‘‰ to live not only longer but to also improve the overall quality of life
Just curious ...what would you add to this list?

You skipped a step


BEST way to predict your future?!?!???!

Frickin' CREATE it!!!!

So you want to have an awesome week!? Right?! Ok then....Create a PLAN. I like to use Sunday afternoons for this. A few weeks ago I came up with "my perfect day" plan and it's helped me with staying on track with my goals. 

Try it!!!!! Write down what your PERFECT day looks like. Make a check mark list so you feel determined to check off every box. And in a week's time you will know what you CONTINUALLY miss or skip. Then next week move that skipped check mark box to the TOP of your list. What's holding you back might be the most important task you keep skipping.

You have been wanting results and that only happens when you take ACTION. So let's do what needs to be done in our minds, bodies and businesses!!!!!! #wegotgoals #strongertogether #coachlife #thesweatlifewithsarah

You Are Worth It


Yes, another sweaty selfie because I want you to know the importance of a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. What I do is NOT scientific but it's what works for me and it's helped more lives LONG-TERM than ANY OTHER quick fix I know of...... want to know my secrets??!!?! Well...

I don't drink 2- 3 shakes a day.
I don't work out for more than an hour a day.
I'm not keto.
I don't wrap myself.
I don't starve myself.
I don't wear a patch or hormonal sticky note.
I don't take hormones or pills
I'm not perfect....and I'm not trying to be. That's the truth.

I eat 80% healthy. I drink 80-100 oz of water a day. I drink one shake a day. I work out usually 30-40 min a day. That's it. No secret sauce. NO yo-yo diets or fads. 

If you are searching for an answer then start within. Realize you are BETTER than a quick fix. Think long term. Create a lifestyle you are proud of. Because YOU ARE WORTH IT. #iamteambeachbody

Back on the Salad Train!

Time to get back on the salad train!!! We just ate at an Irish pub and instead of bangers and mash I opted for the salad. Still wayyyyy good.
I get it though, traveling can make eating healthy difficult BUUUUTTTT CAN be done!!!! Still had a s'more yesterday. (Cause I'm real). 
But I packed my super foods shakes-so that helps my budget & waistline #win and I also try to remember that most restaurants have great options!!!
Here are a few of my travel tips....


  •  Salads. Eat em'. Dressing on the side 
  •  YOU CAN get the burger or Pasta or Pizza or dessert....Just make sure you split and share your meal with someone. Half the price, half the calories. Yasssss.
  •  Water. ALL DAY ERR'DAY. I always pack my shaker cup. It's 25 oz. Aim for 3-4 of them!
  • Workouts!?!? Ummm yes! You're on vacay!! You finally have MORE time! Spend that time on YOU! With AWESOME home workouts being available everywhere like Beachbody On Demand you don't have a good enough excuse to NOT do it!!!! Screw it. Yes say "screw it!" If there's something you want to indulge in or take a rest day...or 3. Then DO IT! Being perfect is NOT PERFECT. Seriously enjoy your vacay and make some memories.  

Have a fun vacay!!!!

Four Failed Businesses

Did you know that I have been involved in 4 Failed Businesses!? And actually probably more if I really think about it! lol. But ya know what!?!... taking those risks and trying was ALL worth it.

I know that I would not be where I am today if I hadn't tried. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't have the knowledge & wisdom that I learned from those failures without going for it.

So do I regret TRYING? Heck NO! Because of those failures I have found my career and everyday I wake up thinking 'how is THIS my job?!?' I sometimes ask myself 'Why didn't I take THIS risk and go for it years back?' And ya know what? Because I would have failed at it. THATS why. Gods timing is everything. I needed growth and needed to learn a few things before I could be in the right mindset to make THIS work. I'm so grateful now and know I wouldn't be as thankful for this opportunity without the struggles and heartache before. <3

With all that said- I really hope you take this as a sign to just DO IT! Whatever it is! And Im not saying you won't fail but it will get you closer to where YOU need to be. We only have a short time to live- so take risks. Try and Do and Fail- FORWARD. You got THIS <3

Poop Life

 I'm staying at my brothers and I'm loving this poop caddy thing. Anyone else use this?!??! 
Speaking of #pooplife according to SHAPE magazine here's some tips they shared that I thought was helpful!!...bc pooping should be pleasant y'all!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ’©
#1 πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ Water! Drink it!!!! Half your body weight in ounces. ERR'DAY!!!
#2 FIBER! Eat your fruits and veggies. 25 grams is recommended. Just don't reach for "added fiber" go for real as much as you can. 
#3 Dairy or Gluten sensitive? Take a look at minimizing dairy and/or gluten.
Hope that helps!!!!! Happy pooping!!!!!

Baby Got (Sore) Back?

Hey!! If you are doing my AWESOME ABS Challenge then you might be a bit sore, so I wanted to give you a tutorial of my favorite exercises to help alleviate back pain. :D 

Cat Cow pose
......get into table top position. Inhale and on the exhale move to arch and round your back as high up as you can. Take a breath then exhale, Inhale then on your next exhale move to cow pose and drop stomach low. Keep your shoulders away from your ears and tilt your head up just to stretch the neck...don't go so far you feel pain. Repeat one and a half breaths and on the exhale move back to the cat pose. Do this exercise for 2 minutes. 
Lie back in child's pose for one minute. ......

Bridge to Knee pull
.......Start in lying down position, knees right over heels, feet close together. Inhale and on the exhale slowly tighten lower abs and tilt hips up towardceiling. Imagine your back has 4 points touching the ground. Slowly lift butt, lower back, then middle, and upper back. Take one and half breaths. On your next exhale lower down, then go down in the same order (Tailbone still tucked under- very important). Then when hips reach down bring knees to chest for one and a half breaths. Repeat. Do this exercise for 2 minutes.



Your friend and Coach, 


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