Sarah Placencia

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I know summer vacays are right around the corner and with traveling sometimes getting to a gym isn't always I created a challenge where you need minimal equipment that you can take with you while you travel! And yes, this is all *F*R*E*E*

Get the daily workout by signing up at HERE Monday-Friday you will recieve the daily workout emailed to you!!!

Join the daily check in group for more accountability and ask a friend to join so you have even MORE accountability!!! Before, during and after pics are encouraged and those that participate daily will have a chance to win Fitness swag at the end of the Summer!!! How's that for motivation!?!!??! Sign me the FREAK UP!!!!!!

Your results are your own if you put in the effort daily then you will see them. So how about it!? No excuses this summer!?!? 🙋 Ok, great!!! Lets do this!!!!!