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For 2019 I have a new's "TRANSFORMING ME".

The video from today and the Pics are from 11 years ago at my bridal shower at age 24. I had recently moved 10 hours away from family and friends, got married and I didn't have a job. I felt lost so I turned to food and started my binge/emotional eating habits all over again (they initially started in HS). It's been a journey to say the least and my Transformation didn't start until I decided to love who I was no matter how I felt or how I looked. 

I decided enough was enough. I MUST face the demons that had me turning to food if I wanted to be happy. And so my transformation journey started and it's STILL going. We are ALWAYS transforming. Not just physically but mentally too. I've found a system that works for me and I'm not here to say "hey everyone, come see how I look!" My BIGGEST FEAR is people thinking I have an far from me. I judge myself too harshly. Instead I want this post to encourage you to NOT. GIVE. UP.

TRANSFORMING ME into my BEST self is Not just physically but emotionally too. I'm not making myself small because of fear of judgment....especially by judging myself!!! I will NOT let my negative thoughts block who I was always meant to be... I am a GREAT wife, sister, daughter, friend, Instructor, Coach and mentor to my team and I will CONTINUE to Transform to become even greater. Watch out 2019, Iā€™m coming for ya!!!!!!! āœŠšŸ¼āœŠšŸ¼āœŠšŸ¼