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 Tell people you are a Coach!!! 
#1 Post a photo of YOU either flexing or a big smile or doing a fitness move, etc. ( MAKE SURE YOU USE A PHOTO OF YOU- not a stock photo from Beachbody- people see that as Spam and go running the other way)
SAMPLE SCRIPT: “Omg, I just did something crazy!! I became a BeachBody Coach! I’m so stoked, I’m going to be taking not only my own health and fitness more seriously but I’m inviting YOU to be accountable together with me! On Monday I’m starting a FREE {{ INSERT PLANK; SQUAT; CLEAN EATS; 3 WEEKS OF SALADS; ETC }} Please help me stay accountable to my goals! Who's in!?!?”

IN CASE YOU FORGOT...Be sure to share a pic of YOU with this post. NEVER A STOCK PHOTO OF A BEACHBODY TRAINER OR PROGRAM. SERIOUSLY. This will save you from people giving you an evil eye ;) 

 AND Your FIRST Accountability Group for your friends  :D 

2 AWESOME REASONS to have a FREE Group:

 #1 to show that as a BEACHBODY Coach we truly care for others and will help them NO MATTER WHAT! (even if freinds never buy anything from you- this is how you build trust and help people without have to ‘sell’ them anything ;)
#2 You will find 2 types of people in your group, the first, the ones who ALWAYS check in, and b, the ones who don’t.
ACTION STEP -> #1 GO TELL IT!!!! Tag your Coach when you do so that they KNOW you did this assignment!
#2 Open up your very own FREE accountability group!!  (remember you can do any type of challenge- clean eats you find on Pinterest, plank challenge, booty challenge, book club- anything!

Did you do it?! Comment below!!