Sarah Placencia

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Welcome to Lesson #1 of our New Coach Training!! I’m so excited to get you started with your business & help you to be successful!  

Today is all about establishing your "why" as a coach.

 Quote of the Day: “He who has a why can endure any how.” ––Friedrich Nietzsche

 Do you know your “Whyˮ?   Your Why is the reason you became a Beachbody Coach. But, don’t let this simple explanation fool you, having a clear Why is one of your most powerful tools as a Coach. A meaningful Why will push you through obstacles, will help you stay focused on your goals, and will help you connect with others in a meaningful way.   Most new Coaches can struggle to identify a meaningful Why for themselves. Consider the following questions to help you: Where do you add value to others? What are your personal strengths? What makes you come alive? How will you measure “successˮ in your life? 
 How can Beachbody help with the important things in your life? Why does it matter to you?   Knowing why you’re a Coach will give your business a sense of purpose that will make it easier to connect with others.
People are drawn to people who have a sense of purpose because it gives some common ground to build on. It all starts with your Why.