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EEEEEE!!!! I'm so stoked for the this challenge!!! March 5-30th we are focusing on Compound exercises. Compound moves can help you gain lean muscle mass and burn more calories, all while saving you time! ummm #win

So you ready to CRUSH this??

You will need some weights and that's it!

And yes, I'll be giving away some fitness swag again!!! How do you get YOUR name in the drawing?? All you need to do is ..

#1 sign up at
You will be sent a video M-F of 3 moves a day over the next 4 weeks (60 compound moves total!) (And if you're receiving this email then....step one complete!)

#2 Join our accountability Group HERE
Need more accountability? Add a friend to our group and tag them in our "check-in" post.

#3 Post pics or vids of you doing one of the moves & tag me! 

TIPS on the workout....

You will do 3 moves for each day. First set is 10 repetitions, 2nd set you COUNTDOWN to 9 reps, 3rd set will be get the idea. ALL the way down to your 10th set with 1 rep!!!! This challenge is meant to ADD on to what you are already doing. ORRRR you can make this a HIIT workout and add a 20 second cardio interval in between each move for a FULL workout!