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Hey! So you might have heard- I am offering a WEEKLY FULL VIRTUAL WORKOUT CLASS (taught by me)!!!!! I am SO stoked about this! So what does that mean for you!? I will be offering a full Booty Camp workout class!

Check it out below!!!! 

For Free: You STILL get access to the  The SWEAT Life Community page. I will still be offering the one minute daily challenge to ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!!! 


I gotta be really real with ya..... I have always wanted to help people FOR FREE and as rewarding as that is it can also be really time consuming and sometimes causes me to become anxious over trying to DO ALL THINGS. lol. Ladies, I think you can relate. ;) . Anyhoo, I needed to re-evaluate what I was doing- who I was helping and how I could help those that REALLY wanted to make a change in their life. So I am now offering something that my husband Eddie and I have worked really hard on and I'm so excited!!! Yes, I WILLL STILL OFFER shortened workouts for FREE on my YouTube and Instagram and Facebook pages but I will now be able to offer MORE of my time for my clients that want MORE from me. So that's why we started our Patreon Community


As you can see through the levels you can give back for the time I help you. And more of my time is given to those willing to make MORE of an investment. I was considering one on one Coaching but that would cost EACH client a large amount of investment. Instead I decided to keep cost down by offering more to a small group of people who are willing to invest in their health.

I'm here for you and I look forward to growing this Patreon Community! Your support helps me to keep doing what I love and thats to help people reach their health and wellness goals. SO thank YOU for your continued Support. It means so much!!!  So if you are ready to kick some butt, reach some goals and build a better self image then lets DO THIS THANGGGG!!!!! 


Your friend and Coach

Sarah Placencia <3