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You find your voice by talking about what you want.🌻
You find your passion by pursuing what fills your cup.🌻
You find your purpose by practicing & getting better day after day. 🌻

I talked a big game (in my head) but when it came to taking action on it...I didn't. Guys, I have had panic attacks. I have struggled with bingeing and emotional eating. I have struggled with overtraining my body from years of too many fitness classes. I have also had more doubts & fears too high to count and that stopped me from pursuing my purpose....for years.😭

Yes my PASSION is health and fitness but my PURPOSE is helping those just like me. Someone who has those same struggles.

Ya see it wasn't until an "AHA" moment finally came to me and it's because a group of people showed me a better way. And I'm SO grateful for these mentors because as I reflect back I was actually looking for ANY excuse to NOT commit to this because deep down I had a fear that it would be a waste of my money. I had a fear that I would NOT be successful at this anyhow so WHY even sign up?! …

Well I also had a small glimpse of HOPE when I saw people around me have success and I began to give myself PERMISSION to actually THINK about how my life would improve!

So here is WHY I am sharing this with you- because I want you to have a glimpse of hope too. Because YES, I'm calling you out and I WANT you to experience this because I 100% believe this will help change your life like the way it did for me and so many others.

Next Virtual Health Club starts September & I'm also training NEW Coaches/Fit Influencers to do this WITH ME. I'm not afraid of saying this anymore. Seriously this has helped changed my life in so many ways and I'm NOT hiding this from you any longer.

I want to help YOU face what's stopping you and I want to EMPOWER you so that you can go and INSPIRE & EMPOWER others around you. Stop waiting to FEEL ready, because AHA moments only happen to people who take ACTION. Ready or not, I'm here to help. Fill out the link below so we can chat!!! 😘



*only available to people located in US, UK or Canada *

Back to School


Today I'm headed to talk to High School students about finding their voice and building a brand/business online. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

I remember when we were told you could be ANYTHING you wanted but as you got older you were told to be more realistic and put your dreams to the side, go to college and get a REAL job.

Yes, there is (well, might be) security in working a recognized job and if that brings you joy, then DO IT. But if your heart aches for something outside the normal, for something that could take you further, for something on the side until it becomes full time like I did then I invite ya to chat.

I'm offering a 5 day workshop that starts TODAY. If you want an inside look at what an Online Entrepreneur/Online Coach /Fit-Influencer actually DOES then fill out this Fit Influencer form and let’s talk. If you never ask you will never know!!!!

I Wish...


I wish I was a little bit taller...I wish I was a baller🎢🎡...
Now that songs in your head ( yw btw) I used to wish a lot of things. But don't we ALL!?! πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Wish for things that really AREN'T in our control!? That makes NO SENSE GUYS!!! So drop it already!!!

I used to wish I was taller but then I realized that I can wear tank tops as dresses and thought....good thing I'm short!!!! So what have you complained about that you can INSTEAD be thankful for!?!?!?

I know we complain, because that's easy. It's easy to disregard a compliments and make yourself feel small, but really that's not easy...its fricking HARD on our emotional well being!!!!!

So say thanks for the thing you complain about. And say to yourself...."ya know what, I'm pretty rad & I LOVE ME FOR ME. It's NOT arrogant, it's NOT vain and it's NOT selfish to be thankful for what God gave you. πŸ’•

How Are You Better?

How are you better?


We are constantly changing and we are either getting better, or worse. It's even in wedding vows "for better or worse." And I can say my path was on the WORSE path a few years back.

Sure I got involved in fitness but while I was teaching SO MANY fitness classes I would come home and binge eat and then go through the cycle of starvation and my weight would fluctuate with this yo-yo lifestyle....for years.

My emotional eating and over-training was wreaking havoc on my body. I HAD to do something BETTER for me if I wanted to STOP getting WORSE.

Enter this little thing called COACHING. And truly it CHANGED MY LIFE and the ONLY reason I share this is because if it's made my life better then I KNOW it could help someone else.

5 years in....
🌼I have a better relationship with food
🌼I have a stronger body 
🌼I have a better sleep schedule (no more 6am classes πŸ™)
🌼I have a better income(my one week paychecks are what I used to make working full time at the gym for 5 weeks.)
🌼I have better relationship with my husband( he was able to quit his job and pursue what he's passionate about from home too!)

Listen babes, I want to work with those wanting something better. I can ask you again in 5 years or you can join NOW and we can grow this thing TOGETHER. I'm offering a private open house for those curious.


***PS....This opportunity does not guarantee any level of success. It's only the butt kickers, goal getters and people that work for it who are rewarded. Pretty great right!? Your level of success is based solely on YOU helping OTHERS. πŸ˜˜

What You're Fighting For

Punching and kicking STARTED my love for fitness and Workout #8 had me like "YASSSSS bring back that Tae Bo!!!"

It's funny to think that my health journey started as a teen and I'm so thankful my mom had multiple vhs tapes to sweat to. I TRULY believe health MUST start in the home in order to have success long term. Here's my story of WHY I think that.....

I was 16 & we moved to Arkansas in the fall of 1999 because Y2K "might" happen. For those that don't know what Y2K isπŸ‘‰πŸ½it was gonna be the end times/world ending type of chaos. Internet would shut down, wars would ensue & we needed to be prepared to fight and also live where the emp(electro magnetic pulses) would not kill us all. So we had our dried milk and chickens and fingers crossed πŸ€ž

Hey, better safe than sorry some would say. I know there might not be many that can relate to this part of my story but hey, if you relate to living in fear, then trust me. I FEEL YOU. πŸ™

It was that year without my friends that I felt pretty lonely so I turned to fighting back and turning my alone into something positive. It was a vhs tape of TAE BO. I did the same 2 workouts everyday for almost a year straight!!!! Dude, seriously I fell in love with the endorphins and how much stronger I felt physically and it helped me begin to feel emotionally strong as well.

I honestly have to say I'm SO THANKFUL for that year we "went underground " because without that fear and a WANT to become stronger, less fearful & become more confident in myself and in others I HAD to go through that! I HAD to find happiness & I found it through doing something GOOD for me. It was the first time I knew what self love felt like and I KNEW fitness would be forever with me because I CAN control pressing play and getting my sweat on, anywhere & anytime.

I'm forever grateful I joined a company that can help change Thousands of lives because YES, we NEED options for when we don't have time for the gym. And we need to remember fitness is only ONE aspect of this. We MUST have healthy food AT HOME in order to have success!! And mindset is EVERYTHING ....ALWAYS Remember what you are fighting for. ALWAYS. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I Wish...

I hear ya loud and clear....


"I wish I had your body."

"I wish I had your motivation."

"I wish I liked vegetables."

"I wish...I wish...I wish..."

Listen guys I will tell you all day everyday that your wishing won't get you anywhere. What you have to ask is "Do I WANT this bad enough?"

And I'm not talking about abs here...even though I posted this to get your attention....Because deep down this is NOT about the physical appearance. TRUE health is about how healthy your body is on the INSIDE.

Everyone has different shapes and sizes and we ALL need to embrace and LOVE what we have NOW because if we AREN'T grateful for what we CAN DO in this moment, then we will NEVER be happy whether we achieve results or not.

So this is my challenge to you...write in a journal daily about what you love about you and WHY you CHOOSE to love your body with positive self talk, better nutrition(80% clean, bc I still have my bagel or πŸ• and I think you should too) and don’t forget exercise! Even if it's a 10 min walk, squats in place or wall push ups. Just start somewhere. If we don't love who we are now, then how do we expect to get ANYWHERE BETTER TOMORROW?!?! So love yourself. In this moment. RIGHT NOW. Because you deserve love. And yourself shouldn't have to wait any longer for it. πŸ’•

Teach By Being


... "πŸ…†πŸ„·πŸ„Ύ πŸ…ƒπŸ„΄πŸ„°πŸ„²πŸ„·πŸ„΄πŸ…‚ πŸ„±πŸ…ˆ πŸ„±πŸ„΄πŸ„ΈπŸ„½πŸ„Ά"... I LOVE that part!

To me this is my daily reminder to....
BE the person YOU would want to be around.
BE the person your partner(or future partner) is so so thankful for.
BE the person who lives with no regrets, without fear of trying new things.
BE the person who loves and forgives others.
BE the person who knows that failures are meant to help us learn.
BE the person who is true to their word.
BE the person who does not place expectations on others.
BE the person who asks for help when they need it.
BE the person who lifts others and does not gossip.
BE the listener and friend to others.
BE the person who smiles often and laughs loudly.
BE the person who knows that thier struggle DOES become their strength because what we overcome can help others overcome it too.

#mayaangelou #teachbybeing

Don't Stay Stuck

Just because you are stuck now does NOT mean you have to stay there.

I remember as a kid I was told to go the corner... ALOT. So with my nose in the corner and told to stay quiet I would stand there and think I'll show them!!!!! So when my time was up I would say "NO. I'M STAYING HERE!!!!" ....I THOUGHT I was showing my parents that I WAS THE BOSS. And I would stay where I wanted....even though I DID NOT want to stay there. It's so funny how even as an adult I would STILL do that because when shown a BETTER WAY I would repeatedly say NO....I'M GONNA STAY HERE, WHERE I'M ANGRY AND UNHAPPY!!!!!!
Even up to 5 years ago guys...this was me.......
πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈI teach soooooo many classes this week, I'm eating fruit loops every night...
πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈI have an eating disorder(that I would never share with you) and I abuse the scale constantly. If I go over 112 then I starve myself for a day ...or 3 ...until I get that number went back down.
πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈYea, I workout...I teach fitness classes! That's my workout too....
πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ"Online jobs" are just pyramid, thank you NEXT.

Sarah now...
πŸ‘ŒπŸΌI now use supplements to give me the energy I need. I also eat 80% clean and I feel amazing because I use my food as fuel for healing, not poisoning, my body.
πŸ‘ŒπŸΌI no longer abuse a scale and I am happy with what my body can do physically. I now measure my success by my consistency with workouts and healthy eating.
πŸ‘ŒπŸΌMy workouts are for ME and I prefer to do them at home on MY time. I still teach classes but when I do it's for my students. It's THEIR time and I don't push myself so hard that I'm not able to pay attention to everyone in the room.
πŸ‘ŒπŸΌYep, I joined one of those ONLINE COMPANIES and I can tell you that its πŸ’―% changed my life in every way. My income has increased, my health is better and my relationships have improved and I've helped others create an awesome life.

Looking back my CORNER was safe, because it was familiar but it didn't allow me to grow or even move forward in SO MANY AREAS of my life. Don't put yourself in the corner. Step out and do something AMAZING for yourself. πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


Let's Talk


I post these pics to YES hopefully inspire you to get up, move in a way that challenges you but also to help you understand that it's OK to have a few treats here and there(lets be real, I had 2 glasses of wine, popcorn and pizza for dinner last night...but I'm real, it happens)πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Listen babe, you don't have to be EXTREME when it comes to your health, but you DO have to CARE about HOW you talk to yourself, HOW you exercise and HOW you heal your body with nutrition.

If you want to talk about what's changed my life, lets have a conversation because I want EVERYONE to feel this good....and yes enjoy their pizza too πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

*next challenge starts August 5th. If you want info fill out my Virtual Fit Fit Club Application ASAP Space is limited to 5 more people!!!!!! (US, UK & CANADA ONLY) 😘😘😘



The sooner you realize your worth, the sooner others might too...and even if they don't, it's gonna be ahhhh- iiighhtt.

I recently did a thing that I was putting off...for awhile. I sooo wanted approval, acceptance, recognition and love and when I finally realized I needed to MOVE FORWARD and STOP WAITING for this to happen I had a HUGE weight lifted off of my shoulders. I had no idea of the prison I had built because I placed SO MUCH VALUE on what someone thought of me.

Guys, I don't have it all figured out but what I have found is I FINALLY feel worthy of close friendships & an amazing life because I am DONE trying to win approval!

I will never be everyone's cuppa tea. And that’s OHHH KAYYYYY. Like really ok. I mean really, How selfish am I for trying to be EVERYONE'S Friend!?!? Like really, when I think about that the most selfish thing!?! πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ like ever!!?!?! YEP. Wanting approval....and from EVERYONE!?!? C'mon Sarah. Now there's some deep rooted issues that I needed to RELEEEAAAASE!!!!✌🏼

I know I'm not the only one that thinks this way so here's what's helped me that might help you too...
#1 Stop putting others on a pedestal because you may NEVER feel a part of their world.

#2 VALUE your TRUE friends. They are the ones that VALUE you too. Love them hard and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Often.

#3 Dive into personal development and find time to fill YOUR CUP. Because no -one likes ya when your judgey πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

#4 Forgive yourself and MOVE ON. We ALL have times we wish things coulda been different. Leave the past in the past, otherwise moving forward never comes.

Thanks for hearing me out. Love and be loved today and always friends. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•