Sarah Placencia

Coaching. Choreo. Coffee.

Two Voices


If you really want to reach a goal you will FOR SURE have 2 different voices in your head when the going gets tough... And you will either find a REASON to do it or you will find an EXCUSE not to.

So what helps me when I hear that voice?

To me, accountability and sweaty selfies are proof it happened .I'm checking in with you guys and my Virtual Fit Club and its helped me LOTS. 

Most of us KNOW we should move more & we should eat right. But if we aren't checking in with a friend (Trainer, Coach Instructor, sister, etc) then its much easier to skip that workout and go out for (not so good) food TOO often. 

Who are you checking in with? Reach out to that person because your life can improve and you NEVER have to do it alone!