Sarah Placencia

Coaching. Choreo. Coffee.

I always loved sports but didn't grow up really GREAT at one thing. But being raised in a small town in Indiana everyone played basketball and I was definitely better at playing basketball than I was at test-taking. I 'tried' college and when I say the word 'try' I mean I showed up a few times over the year that I attended. School was NOT for me. So I dropped out. 

I worked in my sister’s cafe until 2007 when I moved to Pennsylvania and got married to my best friend Eddie. <3  I needed a job so that same year I started in fitness at the local YMCA . I showed people how to use machines that I barely knew how to use (I vividly remember showing someone how to use the back extension as a crunch machine- needless to say it didn't work until I read the HOW TO sign on it. Can you say embarrassing!?!?! LOL) 

With very little experience and no certifications to my name in 2008 I went for my first license and  I became a Zumba instructor!!! And years following I worked for gyms and studios and even opened up my own place. I KNEW I wanted a fitness career but year after year my certification expenses added up- I eventually made LESS than what I was bringing in!!!!! What the what!?!? But one thing it's taught me- people STILL need help with nutrition and fitness & I shouldn't stop trying to help. 

I didn't want to become a Nutritionist or Dietitian. Going back to school would have put me in debt. So what was left? Was there really a way to make a full time income working for myself and also helping people with fitness AND nutrition? I also wanted to do this job without being spammy. So could it be done? The answer was always there but I didn't have enough belief in MYSELF to pursue it. But in 2014 I took that leap and it's been the BEST decision I've made for my fitness career.

 I was teaching 15+ classes and personal training during this time but  I KNOW what it felt like to live paycheck to paycheck and I was SICK OF IT.  Seriously lack of Sleep and Overtraining my body was crushing my soul (bc I love sleep. LIKE…. A LOT.)  and I knew something had to change.  I put in the work and in about 2 1/2  years I replaced both my and my husband’s income. I couldn't believe it. Of ALL people I am seriously not as driven as most.... TBH I woke up at noon today!!! But seriously I wanted a job where I could set my OWN schedule and I will NEVER teach another 6am bootcamp class again! lol. I will teach it in the afternoon though ;) 

And I want to help other fitness pros who might be in the same predicament I was. If you are curious about what I do and HOW helping people online in our Virtual Fit Clubs actually works then I invite you to join my group here.

This line of work is amazing and you can  connect with SO MANY MORE people online!!!! I just heard IG hit 1 BILLION Active users!!! I mean seriously finding YOUR CLIENTS is easier than EVER now.  I mean it still takes work- and you gotta put in the work but you only need about 1-2 hours a day!!! (NO CERTS REQUIRED)  I was working full time when I became a Coach and I was worried about juggling my time. Not anymore. I now work LESS because of the time freedom I have.  SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT IT.... Your Schedule is yours and I look forward to seeing if this career path could work for you like it has done for me and so many others!!!!!  TTYL!!! 


Your friend and Coach,

Sarah Placencia