Sarah Placencia

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At some point in your life, you MUST stop thinking & playing small.....and STOP thinking you have to do it ALL ON YOUR OWN. 

I thought I HAD to do it on my own. But the truth is you DON'T. If you think anyone can do it ALL by themselves then I have to tell ya... We ALL need people who encourage, support and mentor us to become a greater version of ourselves. Even if we don't see it yet, there IS GREATNESS IN US ALL.

I'm saying this because I thought NO-ONE was going to help me. But turns out I was only mirroring what I felt on the inside and seeing it in others. I thought people would doubt me and tell me that I was joining a cult..... But something inside me said...."OK, how are my fitness role models able to work from anywhere and travel so much??? Because that's what I want. I wanted a life where I could see Eddie more and go on more adventures and live a bucket list kinda life with people that ALSO wanted this kinda life. #knowwhatimsayin And could I do it by helping people live their best life nutritionally, physically, emotionally and financially if they also had a bigger dream????? 🏽‍♀️YepYepYep...AND....YEP!!

YOU have watched me long enough doing this Fitness thing and I'm not here to say I've got it ALL figured out (bc this is a learning and growing kinda gig) but I do know ONE THING...

🏽🏽 I've now helped EVEN MORE people by meeting them Virtually!!!! ....and I do it on my own time, without a boss and without having to ask for time off.  Seriously how surreal is this life!?!!?!?! I'm a college drop out, former people pleaser, who struggled with emotional eating for years... but almost 5 years ago I decided I wanted MORE for my life and I now mentor my team of Coaches to be successful WITH me.

We have traveled together(most of these vacays earned btw) to Punta Cana, Costa Maya, TX, NOLA, Gulf Shores and next up I’m going BACK to the Bahamas on a cruise with EDDIE and about 6,000 Coaches who also Earned it!!!!!! LIKE WHAT THE WHAT!?!?!?!??! That's why I LOVE this Fitness Career. We are NEVER alone. We have Team Retreats, Video Chats and we run our groups and trainings TOGETHER.

So if you are STILL reading this, then I ask you...what's YOUR BIG DREAM & will what you are doing NOW going to ACTUALLY get you there?!!??! And if the answer is NO, then have YOU ever considered working a few hours a week towards rocking ur OWN Online Fit Biz?? Fill out this application to see if this fitness business could be just what you’re looking for, too.