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Hello!!! Welcome to the (FREE) December Challenge! We are doing
12 Sets of FitMas Challenge!!!!

Do the move WITH me by getting the workout sent to you!!!
Text "SARAH" to the number 22828 or sign up for the daily workout HERE

So what is the 12 Sets of Fitmas?? Well we will be doing one exercise for 12 sets that increases in reps and seconds held each set. 

Your first Set is 1 rep + 1 second hold,  2nd set is 2 reps + 2 second hold, 3rd set is 3 reps + 3 second hold, 4th set is 4 reps + 4 second hold....etc. up to 12 reps + 12 seconds!!!! 

Your first 10 days are beginner to intermediate intensity.  Days 11-20 increase in intensity by adding weights to more moves and days 21-30 are the hardest...but that's a good thing. Because we will be in holiday mode so this Challenge will help YOU maintain or even lose weight during this sugar cookie season!!!!

Remember to join the accountability group to be eligible to win some fitness swag and use the hashtag #thesweatlifewithsarah

So ya ready to rock this with me!??!??! Here we go......